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My love for pop & R&B, along with a healthy dose of rom-coms and thrillers, is what compelled me to begin, though melancholies still exist within me.

If you are into similar interests or are my

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My Musings

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  • Taxi Driver – Kim Do Ki

    Smooth, his swagger Cool and confident, his manner Tight, his corduroy jacket Paired with jeans, a perfect packet His innocent smile is an illusion For this is a maniac driving a taxi The deluxe helps ferry victims To deliver due justice, while Do-Ki’s team, The Blue Bird, disposes the trashy perpetrators This undercover operation is…

  • Beyond Evil – The Mystery

    Ten pretty finger nails, covered in Balsam paint The owner of these little ones just seemed to run away Twenty years pass by, the owner is still lost Her brother is a policeman, people say he is the cause S Though his parents believe him, he still blames himself Things turn around when a new…

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